No matter what side of the compass the wind is blowing, our Knitted Winbreak's stronger than ever, New Zealand tested and approved.

100% monofilament windbreak fabrics are produced in a range of porosities, patterns and yarn qualities which determines fabric weight.

Windbreaks utilise the rip-stop construction and are typically classified:

Economy: 120 gsm (approx)
Commercial: 160 gsm (approx)

Light (50%) shadecloth is recommended as a premium quality windbreak fabric due to the superior lockstitch construction providing greater strength.


  • knitted eyelets on selvedges
  • 10 year prorata U.V. warranty
  • Can be erected without wires as has strong reinforced selvedges.
Knitted Windbreak Supernet 160gsm.png
WIND-K Knitted Windbreak 110gsm.png
Knitted windbreak 110.png
Knitted Windbreak 80gsm.png